Missing Footprints in the Sand, Bonnie Hahnel


Bonnie is the mother of a thirteen-year-old girl and works as a real estate manager.


"As most mothers these days, I am also a full-time home school teacher. This gives me a much higher level of respect and admiration for all teachers. Bless them all."

Of her photograph, Bonnie says: "A very surreal sight. I was blown away that there were no foot steps in the sand and not one soul on the beach, here in the second largest city in the USA."

Second place: LIsa Curran of REdondo BEach.

Lisa grew up in Southern California and graduated from UC Irvine. She has been married for 22 years and she and her husband, Steve, have lived in the South Bay for the past 19 years. 


Describing her photograph Lisa says: "Another beautiful South Bay sunset. Looking forward to the day the benches can be filled again."

With people staying home, the Earth is whispering to us: "Stop consuming, stop traveling, slow down. Walk, run, bike, talk, puzzle and wonder." The skies are clearing. From the South Bay, we can see Malibu, Catalina Island, DTLA and the mountains unfiltered by smog.

2nd place.jpeg
Sunset Esplanade, REdondo Beach, Lisa Curran
Third place: Michael D'Angelo of REdondo BEACH

Michael is 26 years old and lives in Redondo, where he was born and raised He is a golf professional and runs a junior golf academy at Hacienda Golf Club. Unable to work because of the COVID situation, Michael says: "...the bright side is I’ve been able to dust the camera off and slow down for a bit. It’s a rare sight being able to see LA from Palos Verdes with such clarity. 

DTLA from Palos Verdes, Michael D'Angelo